Raindrop Revitalisation
10.00 15.00

A Guided Meditation to release negativity and unwanted thoughts through the visualization of raindrops. No music is used for licensing purposes, please pair with music involving ocean/rain sounds to best match the audio description

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter!

Waving a sad goodbye to warmer, sunnier and longer days, it can seem a little daunting heading into the next few cold months ahead of us, especially as the cold snap leads to colds, coughs and other nasties flooding the workplace and cramped trams on the commute the work. I know this weather only encourages me to snuggle down into bed with a hot water bottle with a cup of tea - and we must make sure we are looking after ourselves! A great way to do this is by investing in a course of Reiki treatments, to help reduce stress, and therefore support the immune system this time of year.

Utilising Reiki, and Guided Meditation at my new work space on Collins Street, we can work together to develop a greater sense of self love, respect and deep personal healing. Are you ready to start this journey? Then get in touch by heading over to my contact page or clicking on the learn more button just below if you want to know more about myself and the services I provide.

Love and Light always,